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mercedes sprinter motorhome conversion specialists




mercedes sprinter motorhome conversion specialists VW CRafter Sportshome Conversions

We are Mclaren Sports Homes, the UK’s leading specialist for Mercedes Sprinter Motorhome Conversions and VW Crafter Motorhome Conversions. We pride ourselves on delivering customised services and products matching your needs and desires. A quality sports home conversion is a vehicle conversion that turns a standard van into a mobile home designed for sports enthusiasts. The conversion process involves transforming the vehicle into a comfortable living space that can accommodate all the necessary equipment and gear for various outdoor sports activities.

Our well-executed sportshome conversions include a comfortable sleeping area, ample storage space for sports gear, a high-quality kitchen area, a shower and toilet, and a luxurious lounge area. Each conversion is typically customised to suit the specific needs of the owner, based on their preferred sports activities and lifestyle.




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mercedes sprinter motorhome conversion specialists

Get your Sportshome Conversion

If you’re interested in a Mclaren Sportshome, wether it be a Mercedes Sprinter motorhome conversion or a VW Crafter Conversion, then contact us today to discuss your options. Our team of experienced professionals can guide you through the process and help you create a custom conversion that meets your specific needs and preferences.

We understand that every customer is unique, and we take pride in providing a very personalised solution that will exceed your expectations. Get in touch to schedule a consultation and take the first step towards your dream motorhome conversion.

Our Sprinter conversions and Crafter conversions really are of the highest quality.

expert motorhomes and Sportshome Conversion

If you’re looking to combine luxury travel with your passion for outdoor adventures, consider upgrading your experience with one of our expert Mercedes Sprinter motorhome Conversions or a VW Crafter Sportshome conversion.

Our specialised transformations turn ordinary vans into spacious and well-equipped havens for the active traveler. At Mclaren Sportshomes we prioritise comfort and functionality with custom layouts, high-end appliances, and clever storage solutions designed to accommodate sports gear, bikes, or any equipment essential to your adventures.

Whether you’re dreaming of a mountain biking base camp or a mobile surf retreat, a Sportshome conversion by Mclaren Sportshomes will ensure you’ll travel in supreme convenience and style.

mercedes sprinter motorhome conversion specialists

We pride ourselves on quality

“Each of our Mclaren motorhome conversions or sports home conversions is based on a panel van from a major manufacturer such as a Mercedes Sprinter or Volkswagen Crafter, we are specialists in these conversions and combine our experience with products of the finest quality.

With our creative thinking and innovative design ideas we are able to maximise space and create layouts that simply work for our clients, we include a whole host of features using the latest technology and luxury to give you a real home from home.”

Craig Lewis – Mclaren Sportshomes.

mercedes sprinter motorhome conversion specialists