Special Projects

Mobile Office Conversions

Special Projects & Mobile Office Conversions

The Mclaren ‘Special Projects’ vehicles are purpose built vehicles for business use. Examples include mobile office conversions, exhibition vehicles and mobile control units.

Whether you plan to work on the go, entertain customers or just need an base away from home we can design a vehicle that suits your requirements.

Popular options can include 4G WIFI, privacy glazing, 230v Power and large flat screen TV’s.

Just like our luxury motorhomes these vehicles are based on the prestigious Mercedes Sprinter. Offering a blend of luxury, style and most importantly function.

Various length options from the short wheel base 5.2m all the way up to the 7.3m extra long wheel base variant.

Prices are based on layout and specification. For more detailed pricing please contact our sales team.

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These are completely custom vehicles built to your specifications